Solo Saturday


photos courtesy of Howard Tullman
Michael Uslan came to Flashpoint Academy yesterday. It's not everyday that you wakeup and get to witness a speech from the originator of all the Batman films. *Note: "The Dark Knight" has now made over $1B in global box office sales. He shared an incredible story of perseverance throughout his career. Uslan's childhood dreams of creating a "Darker Image" of Batman came true in 1979 when he acquired the rights to distribute Batman. After years of rejection, M. Uslan described how difficult it was to make his vision a reality. If it wasn't for this man, we would still have a goofy derivative of Adam West's character originating from the 1960's TV series days. Family Guy must be getting to my head because I too have joined in on the Adam West cracks. Back to the speech. Uslan briefly answered a question about how he felt about the character 'Robin' and took a heavy sigh. One look at his face and I immediately felt the impression that Robin was just another marketing character gimmick created by Hollywood. Robin completely ruins the ulterior motive of vengeance that alludes Batman's definitive life purpose. I mean does Batman really have the time to be responsible for a sidekick who is always getting him into deeper shit? I think not. Thank you Michael Uslan!

1st Blog


Hey Everyone!
What is this? What am I doing here? Yes, these are all valid questions that I myself am asking as well. The real reason I am making a blog is because my school, Flashpoint Academy, encourages engaging with media. What kind of Media Arts student would I be if I didn't spend time in the Media? For those who have read my blogs from previous years (dating back to xanga days), I'm back! I stole that line from one of my greatest idols. Quickly moving on, I'm not quite sure why I chose for blogging but I am not holding back on my decision one bit. Sorry to Myspace, Facebook, and Xanga. I have found a new home. Anyways I am not going to promise I will post often but I can guarantee you that the content quality will be multiplied in tenfolds (With the current exception of the Justin Jumping Pics. That's going to take some time to top). So get yourself situated, relax, and be prepared as I unleash my creativity.

"I'm back"
-Michael Jordan

Here's another Michael Jordan quote:
“It wasn’t even one of my best creative shots.”
Michael Jordan, on his soaring, midair, change-of-direction layup against the L.A. Lakers in Game 2 of the 1991 NBA Finals.

Quote refers to shot taken at :55 secs. NBA on NBC was it!

14 days until the 2008-2009 Chicago Bulls season starts. Anyone pretty excited about Derrick Rose? I sure am. In fact, I haven't been this excited since Michael took his last shot as a Bull to win the 1998 NBA Championship. And no, I never joined that foolish facebook blogring, "Ben Wallace is going to bring a Championship to Chicago" (With all due respect to those who did. Not really. What were you thinking?!? *Quizzical look), simply because we were still ONE post-player away from being considered contenders the past couple years. Well he's no longer our problem now. Enjoy your aging vet Cleveland! I think I speak for all Bulls fan when I say we are content and very satisfied with Drew Gooden. Hopefully I'll have time to attend several games this year and post some pictures.

-Randy Lee