Explain your current situation to your five-years-ago self.


Dear Randy,

You did it.  You went after your dreams and now you live in LA.  All your years of slaving in your bedroom to learn how to make websites, make music, and filmmaking will pay off.  You're going to go through some tough times and you'll work your ass off for every penny but it will all pay dividends later.  You still have a loving family that is supporting and wishing you the best everyday.  You have amazing friends who are really going to help you through the struggles so always keep them close.  You'll get heartbroken once in Chicago and once more here in LA.  No worries though, you'll learn to become more patient with each year.  You'll start working for the Korean Government and be reassigned to one of the top offices in LA. People will start to realize your potential before you do, always stay humble.  Just keep working hard because you're on your way to meeting with the CEO of Monster and Swizz Beatz to change the music industry forever.  Trust in God.

-Randy in 2012