Solution: Why Samsung Can't Compete with Apple in Tablet War


In response to this CNET Article: "Samsung: 'We're not doing very well in the tablet market"

Apple has recently announced their official press event for the iPad 3 slated to be released after March 7th.  Just recently Samsung Executive Hankil Yoon has come out to mention that Samsung's attempt to conquer the tablet market has been a 'flop'.

Are we really surprised by this?  This was evident from Day 1.  Pull a stranger from the streets and ask them these two questions.

1.  Have you heard of Samsung?
Of course they have heard of Samsung.  It is a Global company that is conquering the smartphone market with each passing day.

2.  Can you name 2-3 products off the top of your head?
NOPE.  Samsung has over-saturated the market with far too many models of tablets to confuse any consumer!

I recall entering a Best Buy back in late 2011 and even Koreans who were from Korea couldn't distinguish the differences in the products.  Heck even the Best Buy employees had a hard time trying to explain to consumers what products were which.  After spending 20 more unnecessary minutes at the checkout because the worker (who was very capable of selling electronics) brought out the wrong model, it became clear to me that Samsung lacks branding all these different types of tablets.  Any company would.

Samsung claims that they did this on purpose to evaluate the market.  So why would you over-saturate the market with stellar yet unrecognizable products and expect the aftermath not to be a flop.  If every consumer has to find out why one of at least 5-7 different Samsung tablets were better than the other, they would probably lose their patience and just settle for the iPad.

As a man of providing solutions rather than highlighting problems, here are my proposals to flipping this 'flop' around.

1.  Samsung needs to capitalize on one model that is marketable towards the majority of the consumers.  If they could do it with the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, why not with the tablet?
2.  Samsung needs to milk the success of this model (whether it is the new Galaxy Note or any future tablet coming to date) in order to retain customer loyalty.
3.  Samsung needs to clear their previous product line and focus on 2-3 tablets that can penetrate the US market while becoming easily identifiable to US consumers.