10 Business Tips from Daymond John of Shark Tank


1. What makes a good business idea great?
Something that solves a problem (i.e., helps you do something faster), satisfies a need (i.e., makes an existing product cheaper), or improves quality of life (i.e., medical devices ).

2. What do you think are the traits of a great entrepreneur?
1) Being driven
2) Always educating themselves
3) Doing something they love
4) Willing to take advice
5) Resourceful

3. How do I know if there's a real need for my product or service?
Put it for sale on the internet and see if people who do not know you purchase it!

4. What are the most important first steps a new entrepreneur should take?
Educate themselves in the product and the industry they are attempting to enter.

5. How do you create a business plan that works?
Allocate all the time and money that you can invest into the business. And write down your strengths and weaknesses, then cost out how much it will take to partner or hire somebody to cover the weaknesses.

6. Where can I get help creating a business plan?
Small business consulting firms. Then look for a consultant in the area of business that you would like to go in.

7. How do you compete against the big guys?
Do not try to compete against the big guys. Your strength will be that you are small and can do the things they can't do.

8. How do you build a great team?
This is trial and error. Make sure people know their roles. Make sure they complement your weaknesses. Make sure they are focused and in the business for the right reasons.

9. What makes an investor put their money into a deal?
Trusting and believing in the CEO, knowing that the business can grow and distribute large profits, and knowing you have a patent that can be defended as well as licensed out to a larger company.

10. How do I find investors and business partners and what's most important in my presentation?
Banks, venture capital, and angel investors are listed everywhere. Also, go to a trade show for the industry you are in and seek a strategic partner. 

We in this together


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Launch Day


It's been a minute since I last updated this blog but I think what happened today warrants an update.

Today our company launched the GO DJ!

You can check it out at www.monstergodj.com

More updates to come when I get the chance!


Definition of a true international businessman


If you ever want to know what it means to be a true international business man, it means staying up late to talk to clients in other countries.  Visiting different countries to build long-lasting business relationships.  Staying ready and willing to sacrifice your free time to build towards a harmonious milestone.  And the most rewarding part is that nothing is guaranteed - you MUST earn it.  So make sure you do one helluva job that no one can match.  Because it's not worth your time if you're not going to give it your all.


Steve Wozniak on Budding Entrepreneurs


"Believe in yourself. You don't have to win arguments. You don't have to prove to someone else that you're right. If you believe you're right ... that's what matters. You've got to follow what's in your heart. The second piece of advice is: How far you go in life ... it's how well-liked you are by the people you work with. That will determine how far you go up organization ladders and the like. Be nice to people. Don't be cutting them down. Don't be rude and all that stuff. That's my philosophy."

Explain your current situation to your five-years-ago self.


Dear Randy,

You did it.  You went after your dreams and now you live in LA.  All your years of slaving in your bedroom to learn how to make websites, make music, and filmmaking will pay off.  You're going to go through some tough times and you'll work your ass off for every penny but it will all pay dividends later.  You still have a loving family that is supporting and wishing you the best everyday.  You have amazing friends who are really going to help you through the struggles so always keep them close.  You'll get heartbroken once in Chicago and once more here in LA.  No worries though, you'll learn to become more patient with each year.  You'll start working for the Korean Government and be reassigned to one of the top offices in LA. People will start to realize your potential before you do, always stay humble.  Just keep working hard because you're on your way to meeting with the CEO of Monster and Swizz Beatz to change the music industry forever.  Trust in God.

-Randy in 2012

What Competition Can Do To Your Product


BILLion Gates


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Made a new site explaining what the iCloud is.  Check it out at www.icloudtalk.com